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    Gang Application Process

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    Applying for a Probationary Slot & Getting Official

    Any group that has been roleplaying on Bloo Gaming Roleplay for more than a month is more than welcome to post a Gang Application (unless applications are closed). The group will have to ensure that they meet the requirements stated below and they will have to undergo all procedures stated below.

    CHAPTER I. Requirements to Apply for a Probationary Slot

    1.Family Leaders must have a clean history for the past 2 Months (No Prisons or Warnings).
    2.Family Leader can’t have been Faction/Gang Banned in the past 3 Months.
    3.Family Leader can’t have been banned in the past 6 Months (depending on the situation).
    4.Family must have at least 15 Active Members who are actively roleplaying and will continue to roleplay as part of the gang.
    5.Family Owner must consistently roleplay their theme for at least 3 Weeks. (Exceptions may be made for former gangs by the DoGM)
    6.Family Owner must have created their roleplay thread at least three weeks before applying.
    (Note: Roleplay thread updates should show legitimate interaction between the applying gang and the overall population of the server. This includes roleplay with other gangs, factions, civilians and potentially inter-gang roleplay. Staged updates will only be considered as part of the gang narrative and nothing more.)
    7.Gang Application story must be at least 1000 words long. The story must be original for each gang application made. The use of an old story from a previous application or another server is not permitted unless otherwise specified by the Director of Gang Management.
    8.Game Affairs recommends that groups post RP on their Roleplay Thread at least once every 48 Hours.

    CHAPTER II. Recommended Procedures to obtaining a Probationary Gang Slot

    1.Create the base of your family with a group of leaders - This includes: Selecting a Theme, Discussing Ranks, Selecting Skins, Selecting Location, etc.
    2.Begin your roleplay and continue to strive forward to getting a reputation within the Community
    3.Family Owner will need to post his/her Roleplay Thread and continue to update it every 48 Hours - It is highly suggested that you look at the replies and take them into account for future development of the family
    4.Continue to Roleplay with your family - Ensuring that you interact with other Official and Unofficial Groups
    5.Post your Gang Application - Provided that Applications are open for your location. It is mandatory to post a member list in the application naming every member of the group and their rank.
    6.Your gang may be held back for an unspecified period based on the theme of your gang and the status of other gangs that are roleplaying the same or similar themes.

    CHAPTER III. What happens after you post your Gang Application

    1.Pending Feedback - Members of the community reply to the application with their views
    2.Pending Background Check - The Director of Gang Management will check the family’s theme and ensure that it hasn’t been changed and do a brief background check on all Members
    (Director of Gang Management will check the leaders history - Prison, Bans, Warnings, etc.)
    3.Pending Interview - The gang Slot Holder must pass an interview held by the Director of Gang Management in which he is required to answer few questions regarding his gang.
    4.Pending Setup - If approved by the Director of Gang Management & Director of Game Affairs, they will be issued a Probationary Slot

    CHAPTER IV. Going from Probationary Slot to Official Slot

    There is a two week probationary period that all gangs must go through after receiving their probationary slot. During this stage the gang will be treated as if they are on probation and will be closely monitored by the Department of Game Affairs. After this stage the Director of Gang Management will decide whether or not the probationary gang is worthy of an official slot. They may be denied for the following reasons:

    1.Inactivity - The gang has been inactive during this two week period or their activity is not at a standard to maintain an official slot. It is also possible that the probation period is extended to see if their activity will improve or not.
    2.Misconduct - The gang has shown that its members are not willing to abide by the server rules.

    CHAPTER V. Application Feedback

    The pending feedback stage is the most crucial stage for an Unofficial Slot Application. This is because the input from the community will be used by the Department of Game Affairs before concluding as to whether the group should get a slot or not. Anyone may support a family when they are applying to become official. They may also un-support them by supplying the proper material or stories based on interactions with the members. All evidence whether it be screenshots, videos, etc. will be taken into consideration when the final decision is made.

    CHAPTER VI. Probationary/Official Gang Slot Contract

    By applying for an Unofficial Slot, you agree to the following:

    1.Abide to all Server & Game Affairs regulations
    2.Abide to all Server & Game Affairs policies
    3.Abide to keep recruitment open if you are below expected standards
    4.Abide to explain your needs to your Assigned Gang Moderator
    (Note: GMs are there to assist & motivate you. They will give unbiased opinions on how to improve your group)
    5.Abide to continue to roleplay & recruit even if your gang is on [2/3] strikes (No excuses)
    6.Promise to remain loyal to your chosen theme. If a group wishes to roleplay as something else then they must self disband and roleplay as their new theme unofficially, going through the application process again like every other unofficial group
    (Note: Group name changes or location changes do not count if they make roleplay sense. Everything would have to be explained on the groups roleplay thread with an in character backstory showing screenshots/videos)

    Best Regard


    Director Of Gang Management

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