Server Rules And Offences


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    Server Rules And Offences

    Post by JackSolarin on Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:13 pm

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    This is the current rule list that the admin team will use to resolve situations in-game and tickets out of game starting January 1st to ensure everyone is on the same page and no one gets prisoned/banned unfairly. This applies to all players, faction/family members and admins:

    General Server Rules

    • Death Matching --- Killing/shooting anyone without a valid RP reason.
    • Killing On Sight --- Killing/shooting someone without letting them respond first.
    • Meta Gaming --- Using OOC information IC'ly.
    • Power Gaming --- Attempting to create an impossible RP situation/Do an impossible action.
    • Revenge Killing --- Returning to the scene of your death/trying to interact with your killer in anyway for 20 minutes.
    • Non-RP Behavior --- Not behaving in a proper RP manner.
    • Ninja Jacking --- Jacking someone out of their vehicle without any proper RP and response.
    • Car Surfing --- Standing/sitting ontop of a moving vehicle without proper means or RP.
    • Car Parking --- Parking any vehicle ontop of someone without any RP.
    • Car Ramming --- Using any vehicle to ram into people/other vehicles without any RP.
    • Avoiding RP --- Logging to avoid/switching characters/force crashing or simply not responding to peoples role play on purpose.
    • Healing in a gunfight --- Healing during a gunfight like using pot or running into a ammunition and healing.
    • Chicken Running --- Running/jumping in unrealistic zig zag patterns to avoid gun shots.
    • Hacking --- Using any kind of third party modifications that give clear advantages over other players.
    • Terrorism RP --- No role playing a terrorist.
    • Money Farming --- Transferring/obtaining money OOC'ly.
    • Skill Farming --- Gaining skills in a un-rp matter.
    • Bunny Hopping --- Abusing jump to go faster in a Non-RP Manner.
    • Server Advertising --- Deliberately advertising other servers to players.
    • Spam --- Spamming 3+ lines within a few seconds of the same line or pointless text.
    • Falsifying Information --- Lying or deliberately trying to mislead admins/players during OOC situations.
    • Exploiting --- Exploiting the script/sa-mp to gain advantages over other players.
    • Ban Evading --- Attempting to avoid an active ban by any means.
    • Abuse of /ad --- Making a Non-RP or OOC ad.
    • Abuse of /n --- Abusing newb chat purposefully and repeatedly.
    • Non-RP Fear --- Not roleplaying being afraid while realisitcally you would/should be.
    • Asspulling/Quickswitching --- Switching to a weapon without any roleplay. *Note: You must also roleplay getting out handguns.
    • OOC Insults --- Insulting someone OOCly.
    • Abusing General Commands --- Constant abuse of /report, /n, /pm & and so on.
    • Trolling --- Logging on with the intent to disturb the peace is not allowed.
    • Double Killing --- Killing a person while in EMS/death mode is only allowed when the execution is fully roleplayed.
    • Cop Baiting --- Baiting LEOs to get a chase/gun fight is not allowed.
    • Example: Robbing a store just to get LSPD to chase after you.
    • *Offroad is only allowed with vehicles that are meant to drive off road (such as patriot, huntley etc.; clearly infernus is not an offroad vehicle).
    • *You're allowed to land planes only at airport. You may land helicopter on top of helipad or any other logical place. (For example infront of pizza stack isn't logical)

    • *LSPD Vehicle Chase common knowledge. When a vehicle is in a severe crash such as a head on collision with a vehicle/wall/car flip etc in a LSPD vehicle chase, consequences of the crash have to be roleplayed properly.

    Robbery Rules

    • The person you are trying to rob must have at least 25 connect time.
    • You may rob up to $100 per playing hour the player you are robbing has. Example: 3000 playing hours: 300k
    • You may rob any/all items the person is CARRYING. You may not force him/her to empty the bank, lockers, trunks etc.
    • You may not "steal car keys", to go and scrap the car.
    • Make sure your robberies happen in realistic locations. Robbing someone in the middle of the street is not realistic, thus not allowed. You CAN however start your robbery there and bring them to an alleyway or another RP location to continue robbing.
    • You must fully role play robbing/picking/towing a vehicle in any way if people are nearby or not.
    • You may rob any business at any time, faction members or the owner being online do not matter.
    • You can't kill/rob anyone on duty using /service IF they are responding to a call.
    • You may NOT  kill people after robbing them.
    • You may not steal any LEO weapons unless authorised by a lead admin+.
    • You may not rent a car during a carchase, wether you are chased by the police or not.
    • You may not use server cars for IC purposes, such as committing crimes.

    Scamming Rules

    • You may not scam anyone for over the value of $100.000, unless an admin(Administrator or above) has approved it beforehand.
    • The person you are trying to scam must have at least 25 connect time.

    Safe Zones

    • Pershing Square. (LSPD & GOV buildings included)
    • Inside/Entrance of San News (( ONLY DURING THE DAY ~ SERVER TIME /time ~))
    • The mall (next to All Saints Hospital)
    • Unity Station (( ONLY DURING THE DAY ~ SERVER TIME /time ~))
    • The Banks.
    • All Saints Hospital
    • County General Hospital.
    • *Hopefully, you'll have the courage to RP outside of these areas, and keep the guns out of them as well. Admins will react if following is done within a safezone:

    • People pull guns. (Robbery of Pizza Stacks / Unity 24/7 is excluded)
    • Shootouts that does not include the LSPD.
    • Robbery attempts. (Pickpocketing is allowed)

    Rambo Rules

    • You cannot rush out and rambo towards someone actively shooting at you.
    • In order to shoot any weapon for any purpose, you must RP taking out a weapon similar to /gout and /gin.
    • You cannot shoot someone without them responding to your RP first if there is no active gun fight/they aren't avoiding you.
    • You must RP having your gun out when performing a drive-by: You may not drive-by using deagles, spas-12, snipers, RPG's.
    • Knives cannot be used to instant kill without proper role play and response.

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