Points & Turfs & Rivalry And Regulations (Read This Gangs Leaders)



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    Points & Turfs & Rivalry And Regulations (Read This Gangs Leaders)

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    Point Rules & Regulations

    Chapter 1: Point Restrictions
        Policy 1.1: Zero Strikes (0/3)
           * Gangs who do not have any active strikes do not have a maximum point capture limit
                  (They can attend and capture every point).

        Policy 1.2: One Strike (1/3)
             *Gangs Who have one active strike can only capture a maximum of three (3) points.
                Furthermore, a gang cannot attend a fourth point if they already own three. Regardless
                Of whether or not ther successfully capture it.

        Policy 1.3: Two Strikes (2/3)
             *Gangs who have two active strikes may not attend nor capture any points.

        Policy 1.4: Probation (0/3)
             *Gangs who are currently on a probation period can only capture a maximum of two points

    Chapter 2: Point Rules

         Policy 2.0: Attending Point & Intention to Capture
              *Gang members are not allowed to attend point without a high rank (ranks that can
                 capture/claimturf). Gangs are also not allowed to attend if they have no intentions to
                 capture it. Normal server rules also apply at point. You are allowed to revenge kill and
                 Chinken run however.

         Policy 2.0.1: Multi-capping
              *Only gangs are allowed to attend point. Faction and civillians under no circumstances
                 Are allowed to attend point. Gangs are not allowed to attempt and capture more than
                 One point at a time. Even if one point has 1 minute left they have to wait for this to
                 Minute to conclude before they can attempt to capture the other active point.

         Policy 2.1: Double Capping
              *During an active point that a gang is currently capturing. They may not capture it again
                 In the same timeframe.

         Policy 2.2: Lag Capping
              *Under no circumstances is a leader allowed to lag cap. If you feel as if you are lagging.
                You should not be attempting to capture the point. Any group found to be lag capping
                (this includes ‘desync’ capping) intentionally or not will be issued one strike.

         Policy 2.3: Use of items while capping
              *While attempting to capture a point (/capture), the capper may not heal (Firstaid,Vests,
                Meals) nor may the capper use any drugs that would help survive the 10 second
                Process (Herion’s effects) where you take less damage. Capping with 150 armor/HP
                Is allowed).

       Policy 2.4: Capturing in a vehicle
           *Cappers may not attempt to capture a capture a point while sitting inside a vehicle
              (weaponized vehicles are not allowed at point whatsoever).

       Policy 2.5: Temporary ranking/inviting
           *Ranking members up to be able to capture a point is forbidden, and any necessary rank
              Ups must be done 24 hours prios to attending point. Inviting players before/during point
              Is also also forbidden.

       Policy 2.6: End of point
           *Upon the full capture of a point, gangs are required to stop shooting instantly and leave the
             Point boundaries.

       Policy 2.7: Start of point
         *Point starts 15 minutes before the hour (xx:45) which allows the use of shooting within
             The point boundaries and the area is considered OOC. Shooting is not allowed before:45.

       Policy 2.8: Family skins
           *All gang members attending point must be in a designated gang skin (a skin in their locker)
             In order to help identify each other.

       Policy 2.9 Exploits
           * Exploiting the general script in order to help benefit a specific group. (fireworks, plane
               Bombing, car ramming the capper, CS/QS.) whilst those listed in the previous sentence
               Are not allowed, the use of toys to protect the capper and vehicles to meatshiel are

       Policy 2.9.1: Shooting outside of point
           *Sniping/shooting from outside the point and shooting towards the point is forbidden.
              This means no shooting outside of point boundaries. If a player runs into point. And tries to
               Run out of point boundaries - he is allowed to be chased and killed however.

       Policy 2.9.2: Claiming turfs over a point
           *Gangs are not allowed to claim any turf that is over an active point that is taking place
              (turf that are ontop of active point boundaries)

    Chapter 3: Point Rule Punishments

        Policy 3.1: Breaking any Point Rules
             *If any of the point rules from chapter two (2) are broken the person breaking them is to be
                Prisoned for two hours and issued one warning. If the rule breaker is also a high rank
                (can claim/capture point and turf) then the gang will also be issued one strike.

    Turf Rules & Regulations

    Chapter 1: Turf Definition

        Policy 1.1: What is a turf?
              *A turf a boundary which is owned by ONE specific gang upon successfully taking over
               The Area for a certain period of time.

        Policy 1.2: Locked turf
             *Each gang is given a locked turf at their HQ which symbolizes the gangs main Hood/HQ

        Policy 1.3: Gang Representation
             *Each gang is required to be in their gang skins and to have /repfam on in order for others
              To determine if said person is in a gang or just a normal civillian.

    Chapter 2: Turf Rules

       Policy 2.1: Multi-Claiming
            *Gangs are only allowed to claim one turf at a time, this means that have to finish claiming
               The current turf before they can start claiming another.

       Policy 2.2: Turf Timer
            *Groups should be role playing in a visible or well known part of the turf and not in an
               area/corner where it’s hard for people to find you - this includes claiming a turf whilst in
                Interior (strictly forbidden).

       Policy 2.3: Temporary Ranking
            *Gangs should not promote members just to capture a turf. (prior to capturing a turf you
               Should have held a rank capable of capturing a turf for a minimum of 24 hours.)

       Policy 2.4: Adjacent Turfs
            *Gangs shall only capture turfs that are adjacent from already capture (or locked gang HQ)
               Turfs. Certain exceptions are listed
                           1.Market Mall
                           2.Mullholland Bank
                           3.Los Santos VIP
                           4.Santa Maria Pay n’Spray
                           5.Los Santos Drug House (Pot house across Ganton gym)
                           6.Turfs located outside of Los Santos (Flint/Red Country, Dillimore, Blueberry,
                                Montgomery,Palomino, Angel Pine And Las Venturas)

        Policy 2.5: Unreachable Roofs
             *Any roofs that require an object or a vehicle to get too is not allowed. (Pushing a car
                Against a building to jump up, mavericks, ladders, use of rooftop DDs, etc.)

        Policy 2.6: Tabbing in Turf
             *While in turf, you are considered to be a active turf member event if you are tabbed out,
                Being tabbed in turf will result into a prison.

        Policy 2.7: Vehicles in Turf
             *You may not actively be sitting in a vehicle or driving a vehicle while your gang is attending
                  A turf  war. This also applies strictly forbidden.

        Policy 2.8: Using DDs & Other Interiors
            *Entering Dynamic Doors (Both Back Doors & Dynamic Doors with interiors). Houses,
                 Businesses and Garages is strictly forbidden.

         Policy 2.9: Hiding in turf
             *Leaving the active part of the turf and hiding in a not visible part of the turf, making it
                Impossible for anther group to claim the turf within the capture timer.

        Policy 2.9.1: Claiming turfs over a point
             *Gangs are not allowed to claim any turf that is over an active point that is taking place
                (turfs that are ontop of active point boundaries). Gangs are also not allowed to claim
                A turf and attend a point at the same time.

    Chapter 3: Turf Rule Punishments
        Policy 3.1: Breaking any Turf Rules
             *Of any of the turf rules from chapter two (2) are broken the person breaking them is to be
                Prisoned for two hours and issued one warning. If the rule breaker is also a high rank
                (can claim/capture point and turf) them the gang will also issued one strike.

    Rivalry Rules & Regulations

    Chapter 1: Group Rivals

        Policy 1.1: Rival Definition
             *A rivalry is a formalized in-game relationship between two gangs that allows for increased
                Roleplay freedom at the discretion of this policy and the Director of Gang Management.

        Policy 1.2: Rivalry Creation
             *Should two gangs seek to become rivals, they must present evidence of proper in
                Character interaction that qualifies them as rivals on each roleplay thread. A couple
                Of screenshots will not be counted as an excuse to create rivalries and why they
                Must then fill out a gang leader request. Incleding the roleplay from the roleplay thread
                And why wish to be rivals. The request will then be reviewed by the DoGM+. Slot Holder
                Do not have a say as to if a rivalry is accepted or not.

        Policy 1.3: Rivalry Periods
             *A gang rivalry may only last for two weeks from the date the rivalry is accepted and
                Processed in game. After the two weeks policy 1.2 comes back into effect.

        Policy 1.4: Rivalry Limitations
             *A gang may not form a rivalry with a faction under any circumstances. A gang may have
                A maximum of five (5) separate rivals at any one given time.

    Chapter 2: Regulations

        Policy 2.1: Representing
             *This policy’s protections and privileges apply only when all involved parties are identified
                Via the /repfam command unless otherwise specified by this policy.

        Policy 2.2: Kill on Sight
             *Groups who have an active rivalry may only shoot each other without roleplay on turfs
                Each group own. This includes HQ turfs, non active turfs and active turf wars between
                Each group (Example: If ballas and crips are rivaled, they may only KoS each other at a
             Ballas turf or a Crip turf or if the two are in a active turf war.) both parties also have
             /repfam in in order to KoS. the KoS rule applies any where else not listed. Even if both
             Parties have /repfam on.

    Chapter 3: Rival Rule Punishments
        Policy 3.1: Breaking any Rivalry Rule
             *Any person found not following policy 2.1 and/or 2.2 they are to be prisoned for
               Kill on Sight (two (2) hours prison and a warning). If the rule breaker is also a high rank
               (can claim/capture point and turf) then the gang will also be issued one strike.

    Best Regard,


    Director Of Gang Management

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